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Thank You for Your Support in 2019

by | Dec 17, 2019

And a request for ideas on what more we can do to address Global Warming

Thank you to our customers, partners and employees for making 2019 a great year!  There is no question in my mind that the collaboration and cooperation between us is the secret sauce.  

To reassure you that you’re in good hands working with Snowbound, here are some interesting facts:

  • Snowbound has been operating profitably and growing for over 20 years
  • Snowbound specializes in corporations and government agencies and has hundreds of customers and millions of users
  • Over 20% of our customers are outside the United States
  • Snowbound has over 60 Fortune 2000 customers who have been continually expanding their business with us for 15 or more years 
  • Snowbound customers renew their maintenance and support at an industry-leading rate of 95%
  • Snowbound is a B2B company specializing in corporations and government agencies
  • Snowbound serves most of the Top 10 US banks, insurance companies, healthcare institutions, shipping companies and document management system providers
  • Snowbound satisfies Fortune 500 disaster recovery, software security, network security, IP protection, insurance, liability and confidentiality requirements.

As I reflect on how 2019 has gone for Snowbound Software and what the future holds for our ecosystem of customers, partners and employees, it is worth looking at what we have done, and what more we can do.

Looking very locally, you have rewarded our efforts in improving the performance and capability of our products by using them in more ways than ever before.  Regardless of your industry, you have often put RasterMaster® SDK and VirtualViewer® HTML5 to the test by adding tens of thousands more users, asking to support multi-thousand page documents, asking for arcane graph and chart support and challenging us to develop specific product features to make your work more efficient and easier.  When we delivered, you endorsed our efforts by expanding your Snowbound deployment within your company.

Going forward, there are many more ways we can and will continue to improve our products to serve your needs but don’t be shy. Let us know what else you need ( Talk to us about the client-side or server-side performance improvements you need, whether you need cloud computing or managed services to make it easier to deploy your applications, or anything else.

Industry Working to Solve Critical World Issues

In addition to feeling thankful for our success in 2019, I am also feeling a bit philosophical this year. Our environment has always been a concern of mine and I feel gratified that our industry has been a primary mover in the replacement of paper with digitized documents leading to the decrease in the rate of growth of pollution and Global Warming.  From the reduction of tree harvesting to reducing transportation requirements for paper to decreasing commuting because more people can work from home, part-time or full-time, all these results have served the cause of being gentler on our earth.

However, all that effort seems to have just delayed the inevitable.  The very servers that store our digitized records are now making record power demands, we produce more paper than ever before (though far less for documents), commuting traffic is heavier than ever, there are more trucks and airplanes, and because of global warming we’re using more air conditioning now than before.

Can we do more?  Of course! At Snowbound, we’ve worked hard to reduce energy consumption beyond the replacement of paper. Here’s a short list of what Snowbound does now: 

  • Encourage in-office recycling and conservation measures like powering down monitors and computers in off-times
  • Organize and encourage computer equipment recycling for both company and employees and make it easier by offering in-house drop-offs
  • Encourage employee volunteer efforts toward reducing greenhouse pollution
  • Encourage multi-use water bottles, replace trucking in large bottles of water with a water filtering dispenser, turn off lights at the end of the day
  • Encourage our employees to be equipped to work from home in bad weather (where traffic could be extreme and pollution greater) or where building power or HVAC failures impact the ability to work in office
  •  Offer weekly work from home days that can cut 20% off any employee’s pollution footprint and WFH half days before holidays
  • Make bicycling to work more convenient and acceptable
  • Offer more bus services to industrial parks in the suburbs
  • Worked with our landlord to make our office lights LEDs and that they automatically shut off when unoccupied.
  • Cut back newspaper and journal delivery and replaced with digital viewing

How can we reduce paper further, how can we reduce commuting inefficiency, how can we encourage the use of more efficient vehicles, how can we reduce power and HVAC use and so on? I welcome everyone’s suggestions.   

Please respond by emailing to 

I hope we can contribute to energizing the movement in industry towards reducing global warming before it’s too late.  We’ll publish suitable suggestions on our website, in our newsletter, in our Twitter feed and on LinkedIn

But don’t stop there.  Please demonstrate your concern and lead by example.  Let’s counteract this existential threat by working together.

Happy Holidays