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Solving Compliance Concerns with Enterprise Content Management Systems

by | Mar 1, 2010

Our customers tell us that many of the internal document imaging projects they’re developing are driven by their corporate need for compliance to the various audit requests they receive from industry and governmental agencies. But the cost can be high. As much as compliance verification is a necessary part of doing business in today’s world to protect us from major expenses related to compliance violations, it won’t increase our sales. It will always be an expense item.

So the contravening factors of high importance and a revenue sink means that we are driven to create systems that are efficient, economical, accurate and reliable. Scalability is also important so that a system we devise today can still be producing for us several years into the future – as demand increases. Additionally if such systems can integrate with other corporate tasks that share a need for content management, then other savings can be found with regards to servers, communication, staff training, and economies with system development and software licensing.

Clearly, Snowbound believes we have solutions to assist the industry in our mutual need to solve these pressing requirements. (See our Virtual Viewer DETAILS). However there are many differing needs and a wide variety of combinations of products and processes that can be utilized to solve differing requirements.

We would like to offer a “Using ECM Systems for Compliance” Forum for our audience. We believe this forum can be used for members to share problems and ideas on an on-line basis, allowing them to avoid re-inventing the wheel. If you feel that such a forum would be of value to you, please respond to the email below to indicate your interest and optionally provide specific issues you’d like addressed.

Here’s to a healthy discussion

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Note: All submitted information will be protected under Snowbound’s strict confidentiality guidelines unless otherwise noted.