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President’s Corner November 2010

by | Nov 15, 2010

We’re moving in the next few days.  Why, you ask? Because we are bucking the trend in business today.  We need to grow and our present facility just doesn’t make that possible. Our carpets are worn out, parking is tough and most importantly, we don’t have enough room to add people. So we searched for months (surprisingly hard given the commercial space situation) and found new space to build to our specs, giving us room to move, room to grow and as a bonus – plenty of free parking.

So good for us, but why does it matter to you? There’s pent-up demand for our products with added features and capabilities – and we’ve been held back by lack of space. We’ve wanted to add sales people, QA people,  engineers and more – and we had no room.    With our new, more efficient space, we can develop more, test more and answer your questions more quickly.

So though it will be a lot of work to complete the process, our new support system, our enhanced ability to add people to better develop, test and support our products, and even our new phone system will provide meaningful benefits to all our customers. So don’t forget to note the address change from Watertown to Waltham (about 3 miles from our current location) – but phone numbers and online links (Web, email) remain the same.

We invite you to arrange a visit or simply drop in.  We would be thrilled to show you our new space and products!