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President’s Corner – Is Customer and Product Support a Burden or a Delight?

by | Aug 28, 2009

As we are all concerned about the economy and where it’s going, it is very encouraging to see the signs of business confidence continue to grow.  Certainly the summer has been odd because Americans are taking more vacation time than ever before and it seems Europeans also have increased their time away.   So one would think sales and development activity would be slow. Instead we see sales are relatively strong even though purchase delays are common.

Due to the state of the economy, the certainty of projects closing on a particular date is missing for many situations, driving sales managers into anxiety. But due to the undeniable need to progress, the likelihood of projects moving to approval is high.  So though you can’t take it to the bank, I think the many industries we relate to (transportation, finance, health care, insurance and others) seem to be moving already and poised to accelerate further.

One marker that helps create that opinion is that development activity has really picked up.  How do we know? Because our support demands are up – lots of people there with many questions while busily moving forward on their projects. To my mind, that means a lot of deployments are scheduled for the fall by companies confident of the future.

So take a deep breath now, I expect September and October to be even more demanding and rewarding. More questions, more support, more urgency but also more business.