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Imaging Industry Interview with Snowbound CEO Simon Wieczner

by | Aug 24, 2011

What got you started in the imaging business?

I’ve been involved in a number of technological businesses over my career.  Over and over again, I’ve been drawn to imaging related businesses because there is something interesting to see.  When dealing with databases or compilers, the products serve a useful purpose but it’s actually hard to “see” what the products do.  When dealing with display computers, CAD software, pre-press software or the imaging tools that Snowbound offers, you can literally see their output.  It’s easier to verify that it’s working correctly, it’s easier to show to people and it’s easier to explain – and all of us deal with images and documents every day.

Where do you see the industry going?

The industry today is moving more and more to making documents universally available via the web.  Whether is medical records, real estate documents, municipal records or insurance or financial, it is more efficient and even more secure for people to be able to access those records via their computer instead of going to an office to have someone pull them out of a file or to wait for the mail to deliver them.  Clearly all the content management companies are working at replacing the delivery of paper documents with electronic access through simple computer interfaces.

What technical advances do you see coming?

The most powerful advance I see is the coming of age of universal access to documents via a simple computer or tablet using a common web browser.  A person could be at a computer anywhere in the world and access all their documents without leaving the premises.  As much as there may be increased risk of sedentary behavior, think of the savings of fuel and wear and tear on vehicles, the reduction of congestion, the lower costs of government, banks, medical insurers and other institutions by reducing the staff needed to service visitors (which hopefully are passed along to the citizens and customers), and the better quality of life that people will gain by getting back the time they would otherwise use to physically travel to the access their records.

Universal access to documents could also mean better methods for medical research, social interactions, home study, even home and auto repair.

Why should an organization consider Snowbound’s technology?

We at Snowbound, in cooperation with our customers, have worked hard at being at the leading edge of facilitating document access.  We support a multitude of document formats and we offer the most advanced web-based document and viewing technology in the world.  Our products allow the world’s leading organizations to offer a simple, easy document access experience to anyone with a computer, a browser and Internet access.  Actually make that tablet or smartphone as well.  Whether you’re in India or the United States or anywhere else where you can connect to the Internet , you can or soon will be able to access your medical records, your bank receipts, your insurance claim form or any other document with a simple browser – as long as you can remember your account name and password.

And what if you don’t have a computer and need to call in to customer service? Well they’re already equipped with Snowbound technology to let them quickly call up your documents,  shortening that dreaded wait time.