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Eating Your Own Dog Food

by | Dec 20, 2018

Doesn’t sound appetizing, does it? But we do. Or put more plainly: We use what we sell.

Our VirtualViewer® HTML5 (VV) for Java and .NET sits on top of our RasterMaster (RM) SDK/libraries. Those libraries are driven to excellence because we depend on them for our VirtualViewer universal HTML5 document viewer and because our viewer and SDK customers have exhaustively used them and challenged them for over 20 years. When you sell to the Fortune 2000–including top banks, top insurance companies, top shipping companies, industry leading OEMs and many, many more–you are bombarded with demands for greater performance, greater features and greater reliability. To have succeeded for this length of time with the world’s leading companies is the best possible endorsement.

Many of our RasterMaster customers not only use our SDKs to create custom image and document conversion applications, they also use those SDKs to create their own specialized viewing applications. In serving those customers over the years, we added many capabilities to RasterMaster critical for viewing applications such as annotation, text search, and redaction.

Eventually, however, we realized our specialized imaging and document processing knowledge combined with our understanding of RasterMaster gave us an advantage in serving our customers with our own powerful viewer. Sure, our customers could continue to create their custom viewing and conversion applications, but our broad industry experience positioned us to offer an unmatched viewing solution. Many of our customers today use both our RasterMaster and VirtualViewer products to meet their specific needs.

We serve those needs with custom interfaces to document repositories such as Alfresco, IBM/Filenet, OpenText/Documentum, and Pegasystems, as well as by adding special capabilities such as watermarks, stamps, OCR, document merging and more. VirtualViewer HTML5 today is now a very powerful product well-suited for enterprise collaboration requirements while satisfying the baseline requirements of robust, fast, secure, and easy to maintain web-based document handling.

As noted above, the foundation of VirtualViewer is RasterMaster, both for .NET and Java. Without RM, there would be no VirtualViewer. In fact, there is no more demanding application for RM than VV. In serving those requirements, RM has monthly releases to satisfy the pace of VV development, as well as in response to urgent customer requests. Snowbound is unique in the industry in controlling both the foundation of our viewers and their superstructure. We do not depend on third-party schedules to enhance or modify our product to meet our customers’ needs. It is our in-house RM engineers who work in close harmony with our VV engineers to make things work right.

I’d like to note that we couldn’t have gotten here without the support and encouragement of our many loyal customers. We love creating products that satisfy your challenges and we plan on serving you for at least another 20 years.

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