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December 2010 Message from the President | The Rise of Optimism

by | Dec 10, 2010

Reviewing my last year’s December message, it was all about survival and learning from our experiences. I am happy to report that things are better now. No one will say that we’re out of the economic downturn quite yet but the indications are there.

One of my poker buddies just noted a welcome harbinger – he said divorces are up. Is that a positive sign? Well he’s a divorce lawyer, so that’s one reason he thinks so. But secondly, when the downturn hit, he noted people didn’t have the resources to divorce. They may have hated each other but they didn’t have the money to solve the problem. Now they can do something about it.

What are the other indicators? Well, the stock market is up, gasoline costs more, the roads in Massachusetts are clogged with commuter traffic, spending is up, and many companies are hiring again. Yes, some people have retired early, many have cut back travel and vacations, others figured out how to do with less, and some of the high-flying behavior of just two years ago is gone. This may be the new norm.

So I’m optimistic. We’ve put steady effort in to improving our products and adding new capabilities: our exciting AJAX zero-footprint viewer has seen multiple enhancements from iPad and iPhone support, to FileNet viewing, (making it easy for enterprises users to access pages from multiple documents in their repository) and SharePoint integration. Our base RasterMaster imaging engine has been enhanced with improved Word 2007, PDF and AFP support, PDF/A output has been added, we introduced our DocClean enhanced scan cleanup module, and improved our annotation features. We continued to improve our QA and Customer Support to help our customers evaluate and deploy faster and more successfully than ever.

Our efforts have resulted in a lot of product excitement, more inquiries, and more people evaluating the products, leading to more business and therefore a move to larger quarters. We see a lot of very good signs.

I sincerely hope that you, our customers, share in that experience. Best wishes to all and let’s toast to a great 2011!