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Being Stupid with Adobe PDF

by | Oct 11, 2011

We keep getting asked why anyone would need our universal viewer for PDF or Word when there are free viewers or free web-based solutions available.  Free is better than not-free, correct?    Well, the corporate world isn’t naive or indiscriminate.  If an organization spends money to replace a free product, there must be a reason.

Let me give you my example of the day.  I was just looking at a PDF report of our sales for last month. I happened to be using Adobe Acrobat because it gives me more menu choices than our own PDF reader.  For some reason, I decided to turn off the menu bar.  Then I wanted it back and couldn’t figure out how to do it. I finally got to the preferences menu by right-clicking (which many people never remember to do) and still couldn’t find it.  I solved the problem by exiting and re-entering to discover F9 turns the menu bar on or off.  And if I had set it to restart with the previous document settings, I suspect I still would be stuck.  I have to admit I’ve been using Adobe Acrobat for more than 10 years so I have a little more experience than most, and still had trouble.

So let’s say a large brokerage firm wants to disseminate financial reports to its customers via PDF, to provide instant response while saving on paper and mail. Then one of their customers does what I did.  Well, without the menu bar, that customer won’t be able to zoom, print, or save, among other things.  As an important client, they’d call their broker who would dearly want to make them happy but couldn’t.  They’d then have to call customer support and hopefully they’d eventually figure out the stupid thing they did.  It could also have been that they had an old version of Acrobat or no version of Acrobat so they’d call for help for that as well.  You think companies today want to spend that kind of time or money as well as risking the annoyance of their customers?  Some of our customers even disable the print and save functions – both for simplicity and security.  Configuration control and simplicity is what it’s about.

Enter Snowbound!  We have solutions that address these issues. When my neighbors or friends ask what I do for a living, I tell them we provide corporations with customizable, easy-to-use viewers that allow their customers and employees to quickly view and mark up important documents.  And I could add – “while keeping things nice and simple”.

Simon Wieczner