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Where has all the rock music gone, the way of jazz & big band sounds?

by | Feb 29, 2012

Isn’t it funny how some things disappear, while others keep on rolling (like innovative Snowbound)?

The Grammy Awards were just broadcast, and it’s interesting to see how the focus of mainstream music has changed over the past couple of decades. The soundtrack to my high school and college years (of the seventies and eighties) was predominantly rock and roll. Artists like Bruce Springsteen (who opened the awards show), The Eagles, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and Van Halen (released a new album last week) were all over the airwaves. And while these artists are still recording and performing today, they are not nearly the influence on the younger generation that they once were. In fact, my age group gets ‘old fogey’ comments when we reminisce about these bands…

The genres that have taken center stage today consist of country (today’s rock), urban hip hop and the divas and ‘bubble gum’ artists of pop music. And while I know that change is the only constant – I have a hard time listening to any of this music. Give me the timeless melodies of classic jazz, the upbeat tempos of the big band era and of course, the guitar riffs and power ballads of rock and roll.

Snowbound Software – 16 Years and Still Going Strong

Where am I going with this? I’m proud to be a part of a company entering its seventeenth year of business in the software/high technology industry. A firm that has constantly reinvented itself – keeping abreast of ever-changing IT and business processes – through innovative software development and engineering. Snowbound Software’s document viewing and image conversion applications and toolkits have consistently met (and frequently exceeded) the needs of organizations in a variety of industries around the globe, helping them with forms and claims processing, secure document display via web viewers, and enhanced and optimized electronic content management (ECM) systems.

Some of Snowbound’s notable accomplishments are the first (and still the only) full-featured Document and Image SDK for Java, AFP, PDF and Word rendering in Java, the fastest document and rendering tools for numerous formats including the above as well as TIFF, JPEG and PNG, the most powerful Java client/server viewers, the most powerful AJAX document viewer and many more technological accomplishments.

Also of note is the sheer breadth of our industry penetration with most major US banks and many Canadian and European financial institutions as our customers, the majority of electronic health record providers, insurance institutions, shipping and much more.

Snowbound’s solutions are used by firms everyday to help them process their documents and best serve their customers. You probably encounter Snowbound technology several times every day as you go about your routine tasks as we help streamline and expedite behind-the-scenes transactions like automated check processing, insurance claims and forms handling, financial services documents processing, and secure access to your medical records for healthcare professionals.

So, to quote singer and songwriter Bob Dylan (and yes, he WAS before my time) ‘The Times They Are a-Changin’’, and we all must keep changing, growing and adapting too. So congratulations to Snowbound for sixteen years, and here’s to many more!