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VirtualViewer for FileNet – Reducing Document Intensive Processes

by | May 17, 2011

IBM’s FileNet Content Manager provides a wide range of document management capabilities coupled with workflow processes to automate content-related tasks. FileNet was originally established to offer content management systems to help companies manage their content and business processes. After IBM purchased FileNet, they continued to market FileNet as both an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Business Process Management (BPM) system –helping companies make better decisions faster.

VirtualViewer from Snowbound Software is a high-speed document and image viewer that gives users instant and secure access to virtually all document and image types – without the creator application being installed. In other words, those pesky document types and revisions you couldn’t open before – well now you can! Plus, aside from quickly and easily displaying documents, universal viewers like VirtualViewer include document manipulation functionality such as annotation and redaction tools to aid in document processing and review.

Integrating VirtualViewer document and image viewer with ECM systems like FileNet provides even faster throughput for increased productivity, as well as easy installation, fewer support requirements and better data security. Snowbound’s AJAX viewer is a ‘Pure HTML’ viewing solution that works with any modern browser. Smart technology detects what browser is being used to access files – and securely delivers content from virtually anywhere. No client component is required, so there are no installation or maintenance issues for users.

The vast majority of VirtualViewer’s processing is accomplished on the server – for better performance. VirtualViewer also offers a wide variety of platform integrations as well as features not found elsewhere including: Page on Demand Technology (quick delivery of only user-requested pages vs. entire documents) and Virtual Documents (create a user-defined document of frequently accessed pages through intelligent thumbnails) without altering archived original files.

The latest AJAX viewer features support for FileNet stored documents including annotations as well as a wide variety of new page manipulation capabilities, and performance upgrades for enhanced document and image access and processing. New capabilities include: the opening and viewing of FileNet stored documents and annotations, and advanced page manipulation including document combination, and the deletion and reordering of pages – all from a ‘Pure HTML’ client.

Snowbound’s document and image viewing and conversion solutions help organizations around the globe access, view, verify and process a multitude of business transactions every day – from patient records viewing to insurance claims processing. Here are just a few of the industries in which we’ve had success:

  • Healthcare – medical records management
  • Insurance – claims processing
  • Banking – check verification & processing
  • Financial Services – forms processing
  • Transportation & Manufacturing – Web forms viewing
  • Government (GSA Certified) – USPS mail processing

VirtualViewer and FileNet combine to create a high-speed viewing solution that supports multiple formats in one universal application. Features include redaction tools, audit trail compliance and secure file access. And Snowbound’s flexible architecture provides for easy integration with third-party applications.