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Viewing Priceless Works of Art, or your Kids’ Photos, via an AJAX Image Viewer

by | Dec 28, 2011

AJAX Image Viewers Used for Many Unique Applications & Presentations

Sample AJAX Image Gallery

Sample AJAX Image Gallery

As the market for digital photography and imagery continues to grow, more and more of us are accessing web-based image galleries. AJAX* image viewers make it possible to display virtually any image, even those from an old archive and possible archaic format, in an instant. And web-based AJAX image viewers enable not only the ability to display images, but coupled with an online gallery application, to easily manipulate the layout and appearance of these displays as well.

Many of us have digital cameras which feature the ability to capture images, then download and archive them on our computers. These cameras come with the application required to view the photographs taken of course; this is not the issue. It can, however, be a problem accessing pictures from an outside source – either taken by someone else or accessed via the web. (We’ve all seen what happens when we try to open a document or image file when we don’t have the application needed.) An AJAX image viewer solves this problem, as a universal viewer, almost any documents and files are quickly and easily displayed.

Web-based AJAX Image Viewer Galleries let digital photography buffs, and amateurs alike, easily create eye-catching slideshows and professional-looking presentations while also archiving their images into an organized keyword searchable repository. Many of the web-based AJAX image viewers offer a host of image manipulation tools enabling functionality such as image zoom, reduction, overlap and thumbnails – to enhance the creation and presentation of galleries.

An AJAX image viewer may be used to easily display family and vacation photos, artistic works and enhance business presentations – all accessible online via a web browser. There are a wide variety of these applications to be found on the Internet – with differing features and functionality; just search for ‘AJAX Image Galleries & Light boxes’ as I did, and you’ll have a number of options at your disposal. Happy hunting (and shooting)!


* HTML-based AJAX document and image viewers provide a browser-based solution for secure access to document and image files from virtually anywhere without the need to install an application on the client. AJAX is an acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, the tools used to develop AJAX document viewers. Applications developed using AJAX can send and receive data from a server asynchronously (running behind the scenes) so the user interface is unaffected while files are automatically converted for display in the browser. Using an AJAX viewer also eliminates the need to have client (local) storage of documents and images for display as they are automatically converted on-the-fly from their native format to a temporary image during a user’s session.