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Teamwork for a Solid Foundation – in nature and business relationship development

by | Sep 27, 2011

Spinning a Yarn about Nature that relates to creating document viewers for our clients & partners

I was looking out my balcony at the little pond behind our building, listening to the fountain, when I noticed a spider building a web in a pine tree right at eye level. Then I noticed another spider directly opposite – helping to build the same web. Round and round they went across from each other – quickly and cooperatively creating the means to feed and house themselves. I’d never seen spiders do this together before – the teamwork and precision was impressive. I kept waiting for one to attack the other as I thought they were extremely territorial, but it didn’t happen.

This got me thinking about how we at Snowbound Software work together to develop, market and sell our offerings for viewing documents and viewing images. (And no, we don’t attack each other either, well at least not often.) Our document viewing applications and toolkits were first developed over fifteen years ago, and we’ve been the benchmark for this technology ever since. Much the way one spider was following the other’s lead above, our competition seems to frequently follow our product-development lead. Case in point, our web viewer called VirtualViewer AJAX document viewer was launched with the phrase ‘Zero Footprint’ to describe the technology since an installation on the client is not required. Take a look online, and suddenly there are several other ‘Zero Footprint’ offerings out there. We have since moved on to ‘Pure HTML’ as our new descriptor, any bets on how long this one remains ours?

Getting back to the notion of teamwork – not only do we promote this in our company internally, but we also think of our partners and customers as part of the same team as well. Our partners generally work with us in one of two ways, integrating our document viewer or image conversion technology into their offerings as an OEM Partner, or by adding our offerings to their own line of goods for sale as a VAR Partner. Either way, we try to establish a strong working relationship right from the start.

Many of our customers have been with Snowbound since its inception we’re proud to say. Our goal is to establish long-term relationships with our clients – in an attempt to capitalize on mutual experience and best leverage technology over the long haul. Once you’ve established a working business relationship with a vendor-partner, you should expect, and frankly demand, that levels of productivity, efficiency and effectiveness continue to increase.

An ongoing partnership with Snowbound means that we’ll help you address your next business challenge together. The synergy established through our working relationship, as well as the leveraging of our shared expertise and scalable technology, means that together we’ll be well equipped to meet whatever challenges lie ahead – now and into the future. The business partnerships we’ve cultivated with our customers, suppliers and partners over the years have assisted our customers to grow and flourish, while at the same time becoming better positioned to address the business challenges that lay ahead.