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Take Snowbound Software on Vacation with you…

by | Aug 6, 2012

Mobile AJAX Document Viewers – for working a bit while you play

Many of us need to have access to the office during our summer (and other) escapes. Document viewers from Snowbound Software provide quick and easy access to all our business forms and other documents via web browser for efficient anywhere access, review and processing.

More and more these days we all seem to be on the go, and yet still need access to our business data, servers and communications. And while email, telephone, texts/IM are readily available, displaying business documents and image files can be a bit more of a challenge. A proven solution is document and image viewers from Snowbound Software. Document viewers provide universal document retrieval and display using any standard web browser on laptops, tablets and smartphones providing high-speed mobile document viewing.

The Freedom of Mobile Document Viewing Technology

What makes mobile document viewing via web browser possible is AJAX technology. AJAX is an acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML which is the web development technique that gives a web browser the ability to become a universal document viewer (in this instance) – all without requiring any application downloads or installation on the client. So users can instantly call up the viewer, retrieve files and need never worry about whether they have the appropriate application resident on their system.

Snowbound’s AJAX viewer is known by a couple of other monikers; ‘Pure HTML’ and ‘Zero Footprint’, all to highlight that this technology is truly web resident and thereby accessible from virtually anywhere. Professionals in a wide variety of industries use AJAX viewers on a daily basis to retrieve, review and process mission-critical information including patient healthcare records, insurance claims and forms and client portfolio and loan information in the banking and financial services arenas.

Aside from the ability to display your documents from a web browser, an AJAX viewer also provides many helpful viewing features. Capabilities built into the viewer include a thumbnail display panel that may be used to highlight either selected pages from one document or the first page from multiple documents, to keep frequently accessed pages at your fingertips. So now, when the document viewer is opened, pre-selected pages are displayed automatically for quick and easy processing. Once reviewed, the annotated document is saved back to the server for the next step in the workflow.

The flexible and innovative technology behind AJAX viewers provides access to all your business documents and image files via virtually any Internet enabled device – in other words – working hard for you while you play this summer. Enjoy the season!

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