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Snowbound – Helping Transact Business Everyday – for Better Customer Service

by | Aug 25, 2011

You may not realize it, but you probably use or benefit from our technology several times every day.

Snowbound’s technology helps deliver your mail, process your insurance forms and claims, expedites your banking transactions and even securely distributes patient information to healthcare professionals.’

This is the phrase we use at the beginning of presentations (Webinars) and the end of media releases – telling people how our document viewing and image conversion applications and imaging toolkits are an everyday part of their lives – whether they realize it or not. It’s kind of the ‘Intel Inside’ approach to awareness – branding a behind-the-scenes solution to make your audience aware of your contribution.

We’ve had great success over the past fifteen years offering market-leading document viewers, batch file converters and imaging SDKs (software development toolkits) to clients in a variety of document-driven industries including healthcare, financial services, insurance and banking. One of our challenges here in the marketing department is getting the word out about the tangible benefits of this technology – and how we enhance secure document viewing, transaction processing and batch conversion – helping companies with claims and forms processing, and thereby with customer service as well.

How does this work? We help our customers provide better customer service to their customers using universal document viewing technology (virtually any document or image file can be viewed within one interface), leading to easier claims and forms processing and more productive (not to mention less frustrated) workers. Using document and image viewing software from Snowbound also assists with colleague collaboration throughout the processing cycle by providing a variety of document annotation tools – for highlighting next steps, notes to coworkers, and rubber stamping. Redaction tools are also provided that are used to secure sensitive information without altering archived originals.

We all complain about how poor customer service has become these days, which still surprises me in the age of instant information and transaction processing. So the next time you receive improved customer service – you may just have Snowbound Software to thank.