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Snowbound – for Every Document You Need to See – from Everywhere You Need to Be

by | Aug 13, 2012

Snowbound’s document viewing and image conversion applications and toolkits have continued to lead the market for over sixteen years, with a proven track record of product performance and customer satisfaction. We’ve helped organizations’ around the globe obtain a competitive advantage in the handling of their business transactions, order fulfillment and customer service – to best serve their customers.

Making the Business Process Easier – for You

Snowbound’s goal is to make it easier for busy business professionals – like you – by giving you the tools to help make claims, forms and records processing more efficient and effective. By using document viewing tools designed to retrieve and display only those files or pages needed for review and processing – the ‘paper tiger’ can be tamed – and business transactions may keep flowing smoothly.

Mobile Document Viewing

Snowbound’s AJAX document viewers are accessible via web browsers, so files are easily retrieved through laptops, tablets and smartphones via mobile document viewing – for remote reviewing and processing. AJAX viewers reduce data download times, support large files of any format, feature a configurable user interface and have the built-in annotation and redaction tools needed for expedited file reviewing and processing.

ECM Integration & Enhancement

Additionally, the functionality of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems may be greatly enhanced through the addition of document viewers. Document viewers integrated into existing enterprise content systems provide the ability to expedite document reviewing and processing by:

  • Ensuring content may be viewed in its original format adhering to compliance standards
  • Providing remote access via any web browser – without requiring a client download
  • Expediting the review process through ‘Virtual Documents’ – consisting of only those pages needed for review and processing from single or multiple documents

The Technology to Get Your Files from Everywhere You Need to Be

Evolving technology has given us access to document and image files via mobile devices – forever changing the business landscape and how we process information and expedite transactions. The pieces and parts behind this technology that allow these disparate systems to integrate and function seamlessly include a conversion engine that enables document and image files in a wide variety of formats to be retrieved, document viewing software to display the accessed files, and authentication, navigation and security protocols to ensure the correct data is getting from the correct source to the correct people. Ensuring that these technologies perform well together is what we do – we’re:

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