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Of scotch and cigars – being PC and having decorum today – too much and not enough…

by | Oct 5, 2011

Twenty years ago my bottom desk drawer contained a bottle of scotch and some tumblers – and on the corner on top I had a cigar humidor. Ten years ago the scotch disappeared, and as of my last two jobs, I haven’t had a humidor in my office either. Now this isn’t to suggest that my colleagues and I spent a great deal of time with either of these vices – the scotch was for Fridays after work (we even coined the term ‘scotch Friday’), and the cigars were celebratory after an accomplishment at the office – be it a deal closing or a successful project completion – and we smoked them outdoors.

My company, Snowbound Software, of the market-leading document viewing and image conversion applications and toolkits (shameless plug), recently instituted a new no-tolerance policy regarding alcohol consumption during work hours. So no more lunches out with an occasional glass of wine – although you can still go out and enjoy a cigar as long as you’re downwind of any of the anti-smoking establishment. In fact, Boston (where we’re based) has been trying to shut down the last three cigar bars in the city. I say if you don’t like them – don’t go there. Yes, you have the right to not breathe second-hand smoke, but others also have the right to enjoy a legal pastime.

Another group I find fascinating these days is fliers. I’ve been on flights over the past year, sitting next to people who looked like they just rolled out of bed. Really?!?! Is it too much to ask for people to have a modicum of decorum in their personal appearance? I know that casual Friday has run rampant through the work week in this modern age, but does anyone else need to see you in your jammies in public? And we won’t even go into the ‘People at Wal-Mart’ web site…

When we visit Florida, the PC police are much less prevalent (maybe I can open a division down there called ‘Beachbound’) – scotch and cigar anyone?