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Popular Java Imaging Technology Posts from Imaging Experts

by | Jun 18, 2008

As we work to fully integrate our blog posts and discussions on document and web imaging technology to our new Snowbound Blog, here are a select group of popular posts from Imaging Experts, which our readers may find of value.

  • JavaScripting in Applets – Getting Out of the Sandbox
    A discovery with regards to using JavaScript with Applets, and trying to avoid running into security problems. There is a way to break out of the sandbox, via signing. Here is an example…
  • Another Neat Trick with the Ant
    Even though the Ant has plenty of available tasks out of the box and a wealth of 3rd party tasks already defined, you still may wish to improve your build process by creating your own custom tasks.
  • Using AWT Dependent Imaging Routines in SWT
    If you had code that relied heavily on its interaction with the AWT-based Java2D drawing routines, how could you port that over to a new SWT-based program? This post illustrates one method for doing so.
  • Serialization: Avoiding a NotSerializableException with the Transient Keyword
    When you are writing client-server software with Java, it’s often convenient to pass Java objects from the client to the server. Java Serialization allows classes to be converted to a string format, allowing for easy network transmission