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Inside the World of Document Viewers, plus Now I know how Zoo Animals feel…

by | Sep 29, 2011

Side note: As you may be aware, Snowbound Software relocated to larger quarters almost a year ago. As I’ve walked around our relatively new space, I’ve noticed that the windows in the office doors and little windows alongside kind of make it seem like we’re on display – as if there should be a sign on the wall that says ‘Marketing Manager – May be Irritable – Don’t Feed or Tap on Glass’. (And I won’t even go into what the signs would say for the sales and engineering departments…)

Anyway, we here at Snowbound Software design, develop and distribute applications and software development toolkits (SDKs) for viewing documents and viewing images via either client/server or Web viewer solutions. Image conversion speed and accuracy are paramount for document viewers – for viewing documents and viewing images – as well as document processing, as you might imagine.

Our client/server document viewer options offer a flexible solution for a wide variety of computing environments – tailored to fit into any environment. Configurations include Java and .NET AJAX applications which may be installed on existing server hardware, and don’t require client-side installation. Updates are made on the server, and clients are updated automatically when they access the server. And, our AJAX Web viewer offers ‘Pure HTML’ universal document access from virtually anywhere– providing on-the-fly image conversion and on-the-go document viewing for mobile professionals.

Of course high-speed document viewing technology relies upon high-performance document and image conversion – to process and display files in the blink of an eye. Snowbound has developed and continues to constantly update its market leading technology for converting and viewing documents and image files – to best assist our customers with document processing, web viewing and batch file conversion.

Plus, integrating document viewing technology into electronic content management (ECM) systems gives users the benefit of a standardized universal interface not only for viewing, but also through processing tools for redaction and annotation. Snowbound’s viewing modules offer critical functionality such as:

  • View content in its original format via high-speed universal conversion
  • Provide remote access to data via web viewer
  • Eliminate the need for client downloads, minimizing or eliminating support issues
  • Streamline document processing & colleague collaboration
  • Ensure document security via paperless review, redaction and printing and saving restrictions

From off-the-shelf applications, to custom-fit SDKs, Snowbound Software is the leader in high-speed document and image viewing and conversion technology – helping companies optimize workflow, and better leverage and utilize their information throughout the document lifecycle – to best serve their customers and employees.