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Document Viewing and Conversion Solutions for Java Imaging, Windows Imaging – and more!

by | May 19, 2011

Universal document viewing solutions ensure that information can be accessed – no matter the format it was created in. Users of this technology don’t even need to have the application(s) that the document (or image file) was created in on their computer (such as Word, Excel or PDF) – the viewer will automatically convert the file for displaying. Solutions for Java imaging, Windows imaging and other technologies will be highlighted here.

VirtualViewer document and image viewer has configurations for Java imaging, Windows imaging as well as a ‘Pure HTML’ browser-based solution that doesn’t require any client installation. Business professionals using Java imaging and Windows imaging technology may be integrated with Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems and may also be configured to access files stored in several different locations including disparate content management applications or file servers. Plus, aside from quickly and easily displaying documents, universal viewers like VirtualViewer include document manipulation functionality such as annotation and redaction tools to aid in document processing and review.

Viewing documents using Java imaging and Windows imaging systems may also be greatly enhanced through the use of a universal batch document conversion solution. Batch conversion rapidly and accurately converts a wide variety of files of diverse formats, creating a secure repository of universally readable document and image files. Once converted, files may be accessed quickly and easily, and text-based input that has been converted may be searched through the generation of searchable PDF output if so desired.

For those requiring seamless integration with existing enterprise ECM systems, Snowbound’s RasterMaster Software Development Toolkit SDK may be employed for Java imaging and Windows imaging, as well as for a host of other platforms including .NET and UNIX. Comprehensive code libraries are provided along with extensive format support (embedded within) to enable developers to create and integrate document/image conversion and viewing functionality into existing enterprise applications and workflow environments such as Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems, Business Process Automation and other solutions designed to manage the document lifecycle.

As you can see, there are a number of ways to approach document and image viewing and conversion solutions for Java imaging and Windows imaging. An off-the-shelf viewer enables the secure universal display of virtually any document format quickly and easily. Batch conversion software quickly and accurately creates a repository of accessible and readable files from diverse file formats. And an SDK gives developers the ability to build document and image viewing and conversion into an organization’s existing enterprise systems – to enhance productivity and optimize document and forms processing.