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Communication – bane or boom? Snowbound can help at the office with document viewing…

by | Oct 4, 2011

Seems to me that the more ways we create to communicate – the worse we are at it. Today we have at our disposal all manners of mobile and desktop computing and communication devices – and still can’t seem to find that balance between communication and overkill. Electronically, we use email, texting, instant messaging, phone calls and traditionally the occasional letter (yes I still put pen to paper – my older relatives aren’t on the Internet) and carrier pigeon – but only for my relatives on the outer fringes of New England and the Appalachian Trail.

Case in point, since we’re all constantly tethered to cell phones – people assume that you’re always available to speak, and possibly get together, in an instant. I received a text and call the other evening from friends of my parents who were in town wanting to get together – at that moment. How about a little notice (like before you boarded the plane several days ago), letting us know that you are going to be around, and if we’re free and agreeable, you’d like to meet? (I mean it isn’t the dark ages when people just dropped-in, and you were expected to put them up.)

In the workplace, Snowbound’s solutions help companies communicate more efficiently, securely and productively – by providing secure universal access to all manner of document and image file types, through streamlining document processing and by batch converting document and image file formats of various varieties to an easily readable file type. SnowBatch rapid batch converter also enables the creation of a user-defined document archive during conversion for efficient file storage and searching, and Word files may be converted into searchable PDF documents.

Snowbound’s designs, develops and distributes reliable document viewing and image conversion applications and SDKs for professional organizations in a variety of industries. Our off-the-shelf applications frequently meet the needs of most firms for their universal document and image viewing and conversion requirements, but those requiring tighter integration with existing enterprise installations like ECM applications turn to our RasterMaster viewing and conversion SDK for a custom fit.

We’re Snowbound Software – how can we help you?