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A Story of Record – both vinyl and bank

by | Oct 12, 2011

Imagine you owned a record store, and you knew that a new replacement technology, namely CDs was on the horizon, and you wondered how it would affect your business. What would become of the local hangout (your record store) where kids picked up their favorite albums to solve all their problems with a clever 80’s musical montage, (or so they thought anyway)?

So running through your mind is that your company could eventually be going out of business, where will the kids dance and most importantly buy their music, and for the kids – the pressures of modern day algebra preventing them from going to the big dance, and maybe for the delinquents – steal a car while dressed in disguise.  Before, all you needed was the familiar hum and sound as the needle was put on vinyl and warm tones of the most popular bands came through. Technology evolved, and despite the nostalgia and memories, and people saying they really want records, they soon became part of history along with the laser disk and the DVD, and your shop.

You are probably wondering where I’m going with all this? Well, much like the unemployed vinyl disc jockey, the bank robber may soon go the way of the beta tape. This is a story of how technology can be both good and bad – depending upon one’s perspective and the application. Bank tellers are held up periodically by robbers, but what if modern technology made it unattractive to try to make a living this way? (Reminds me of that old joke when the police caught a bank robber and asked why he robbed banks. His response, “because that’s where the money is.”) Yes, security cameras, ink packets, and limited cash on hand have affected the tried and true bank holdup to some degree, but what’s the next step?

Well, another tool in the arsenal against crime is Snowbound’s imaging technology.  How you ask? By crediting accounts immediately as checks are electronically deposited using document imaging technology. Snowbound’s ability to not only scan in the document and view it, but also clean up check images for archiving makes processing quicker, easier and more secure than ever. Electronic fund deposits using a document conversion and viewing application via ATM keeps the funds out of human hands and thereby – the bank robbers’ hands too.