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A Case for Secure Redaction

by | Dec 13, 2016

Redaction is the permanent deletion of data from documents (insert sigh-of-relief here!), but there is much more to know about redacting content and data to keep in mind. Here are 5 things to consider:

1. Increased Regulations
Increased regulations center around one major point: protecting personally identifiable information (PPI). Document viewers, for example, that offer Pattern-Based Redaction (the ability to redact patterns in both text and data), best meet regulatory compliance and help mitigate risk, particularly when working with large volumes of content. Searching and identifying things such as social security numbers, phone numbers, credit card numbers, and email addresses, within large volumes of content and quickly redacting all instances is a significant advancement in data protection. Advanced redaction also helps organizations adhere to the permission scheme set up for the image repository.

2. The Cloud & Third Party sharing
Legal content, bank statements, government paperwork, and insurance claims are all examples of content that we may access daily via a portal or website. As content makes its way to the web (shared or by email), secure redaction allows for the right people to get the right content. Protecting and securely presenting content also improves customer service and content collaboration.

3. Heightened Security Threats
With hacking and security making headlines daily,  properly safeguarding content is as important as it has ever been. Redacting content using proprietary formats doesn’t mean that the content is completely secure. “Burning in” redactions in proprietary formats or masking them as an overlay could leave content and data searchable and viewable in other applications.

4. Disruptive Competition
‘Disruptors’ provide agility and innovation to traditional tasks and always look at ways to one-up the competition. Advanced redaction functionality is an example of technology needed in today’s competitive business environment to make users more productive, improve collaboration, and provide a competitive customer service edge. I see this mostly in high transactional “cost center” environments where traditional paper processes are now driven by automated Advanced Case Management or Workflow Applications..

5. Embolden Employees
Users today are looking for more functionality in advanced viewers and collaboration that meets their workflow needs. Search and redact, combined with patterned based redaction (mentioned in #1), are examples of ways to increase productivity. Another way to increase productivity is with Redaction Tagging. Multiple users are able to collaborate on a single annotation by assigning a tag (e.g. “Social Security Number”) to each individual redaction to indicate to other users why the redaction was placed on the page.

If you are interested in learning more about secure redaction in document viewing, click here to learn more about Snowbound pure HTML5 document viewer, VirtualViewer® HTML5. If you’d like to see secure redaction in action, we’d be happy to schedule a demo with you.



Bill Martin is a Sr. Business Development Manager at Snowbound. While at Snowbound, Bill has grown business by creating the SnowCAP program and selling into major accounts. Bill also named our VirtualViewer product. Bill has been working in the ECM technology field for 21 years and his past roles include Vice President of Sales at companies such as HCL, Neocol, and Integritie.