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WFH? BYOD? IT Departments Push for Pure HTML5 Solutions

by | May 4, 2020

As the effects of COVID-19 continue to reverberate across the globe, companies and organizations have scrambled to transition their brick and mortar offices to a fully online operation. The burden of this transition has largely fallen on their IT departments. 

From software to hardware, video conferencing to new messaging systems, and everything in between, IT departments have been tasked with essentially whipping up a whole new work environment for their companies with very little notice. 

IT departments have been flooded with support tickets as employees run into tech issues with their new at home set-ups. Many users who don’t normally work from home are now being asked to use their own devices at home (aka “BYOD”), which brings up even more support issues. 

Fortunately, most IT departments are well equipped to handle these issues remotely, but the sheer volume of the work has proven burdensome. Making sure users across an organization can get connected to a VPN, receive regular security updates (not as feasible on home computers), and the latest versions of critical software is of the utmost importance. Having to update multiple programs to new versions for users across an entire enterprise is hard enough as is, but even more difficult when done remotely.

Cloud solutions are booming as a result. Amazon is advertising over 20,000 open tech jobs. Facebook is hiring over 10,000 new workers on product and engineering by the end of the year. Microsoft said the number of people using its products for online collaboration was up over 40 percent.

When it comes to document and content management, many companies rely on multiple programs (Adobe, MS Word, etc.) that exist locally on each user’s personal computer. Not only does this result in more maintenance and security concerns, but licensing issues are further compounded with the BYOD users. 

As a web-based document viewer that functions on any browser, Snowbound’s VirtualViewer HTML5 is a trouble-free solution for IT administrators. No installations or downloads are necessary. Similarly, no software updates that require entering an admin code and restarting the machine are necessary. 

Moving to the cloud has been a trend for years now, but the sense of urgency has never been greater.