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Using SharePoint has many benefits

by | Mar 2, 2011

Using SharePoint has many benefits for companies according to a study.According to a survey by Windows IT Pro, information technology professionals can help a company’s profitability by utilizing Microsoft SharePoint.

The study found that 44 percent of its readers feel SharePoint is a “very important application” for an organization’s operation. Also, one-third of its readers work with SharePoint along with other related products and approximately 25 percent work exclusively with the product.

SharePoint is most commonly used for document storage and management. Other uses of the product include team collaboration, web portal, intranet development and it offers businesses innovative processes with a large amount of end-users.

“Carefully planned and well-executed SharePoint deployment can yield significant business benefits, including easier information access, better communication, IT time savings, increased end-user productivity, document version control, and savings in Web development resources,” writes Michele Crockett.

Recent research by Global 360 found SharePoint 2010 is experiencing significant growth. According to the research, the product has increased its market penetration to 44 percent since August 2010 and now is utilized more than SharePoint 2007, which accounts for 43 percent of market penetration.