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The key to ECM success

by | Feb 13, 2009

There is one key to ECM success says Raymond Schauer - adoptionWith an increasing number of companies using enterprise content management (ECM) software it can be hard for some to be successful with their endeavor, but according to one expert there”s only one key to success – adoption.

"Yes, there”s just one: adoption," says Raymond Schauer writing for CMS WiRE. "Many components of the project come to play here, but if your user base does not find your new content management system to be easy to use, simple, intuitive and not a time waster, it has no chance of success.

ECM is not a "build it and forget it" matter according to Schauer. It needs to be maintained and improved upon.

But while he says there”s only one key to success, Schauer points out there are is a magical process of three steps that can get companies to that key.

In order to be successful companies must map out the UI of their content management, keep it simple and build on their success, he says.

One other rule that some might suggest is settle ground rules for the ECM. In December, an article for InformationWeek said that setting rules and maintaining workflow were even more important decisions than choosing which ECM product to use.ADNFCR-1861-ID-19023924-ADNFCR