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TEMIS announces enterprise content management collection module

by | Dec 7, 2009

The TEMIS Content Pipeline collects data from multiple sources for Luxid(R).Texts analytics provider TEMIS announced a new enterprise content management collection module Monday that integrates with the company”s flagship Luxid(R) content discovery solution.

The new content collection module, called Luxid(R) Content Pipeline, collects contents from a number of different sources and directs them into Luxid(R). The content discovery solution then labels content with appropriate metadata, and supplies search, discovery and sharing options for real-time knowledge discovery and content analytics.

"Luxid(R) Content Pipeline is a new strategic module of Luxid(R) 5.1 that expands TEMIS”s product portfolio to cope with an increasing demand from our customers to feed our robust platform with relevant data," said TEMIS chief executive Eric Bregand.

The pipeline accesses content through three avenues: structured content sources, web-based content databases and corporate repositories. It also supports the integration of unstructured information management architecture collection readers.

TEMIS is a text mining solution developer founded in 2000, with offices in the U.S., France, Germany and Italy. It was started by a team of IBM consultants, managers and researchers to sell IBM text mining solutions to international markets.