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Study: CMIS standard may increase role of ECM in enterprise

by | Jan 14, 2010

New standard to impact ECM. In a recent InformationWeek Analytics/Intelligent Enterprise Enterprise Content Management survey of 276 business IT professionals, 59 percent said their ECM systems could play an expanded role in the enterprise – if they could be more easily integrated with third-party applications.

The Content Management Integration Services (CMIS) standard, a web services specification that lets competing content management systems share information, may make that more likely in the future.

Endorsed by leading vendors, including Alfresco, EMC, IBM, Microsoft, Open Text, Oracle and SAP, CMIS aims to open proprietary ECM repositories, thus making the content stored in those repositories "more available to applications and end users," according to InformationWeek”s Intelligent Enterprise.

Currently, CMIS focuses on two major functions: interoperability and data movement, the article said.

A CMIS consumer can use the specification to communicate with multiple repositories, allowing for greater interoperability.

"For instance, if an insurance company has records in platforms from both Open Text and EMC, a claims-review application could be built that can pull information from both repositories and present it in a portal," the article said.

As for data movement, CMIS enables movement from one repository to the other without the need for a purpose-built connector.

The CMIS standard has not yet been officially ratified, meaning there are only a few working implementations of the CMIS specification, InformationWeek said.