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Social networking ”a CIO challenge”

by | Nov 28, 2008

CIOs have been told they can learn lessons from social networkingIt is down to chief information officers (CIOs) to determine what lessons from the sphere of social networking can also apply in business, according to one expert.

Writing for Baseline, Art Johnston, CIO at supply chain management firm Argo Turboserve, explains that his company has successfully incorporated some social media methods into its day-to-day operations.

But he warns that this must be done under stringent security conditions if the company network is to remain safe.

For instance, when his workforce adopted Skype as a messaging medium across voice, text and video, security measures were put in place to minimize any risk.

He adds that the intelligent adoption of new technologies can help firms to build value propositions for their big-name clients – which his own company has done by creating web portals and using online applications.

Firms looking to emulate Johnston”s success might wish to look to a Java viewer or file conversion tool as the first step towards offering a fully featured web portal to employees and clients.

And those file conversion applications and Java viewer need not be developed in-house, he points out.

"Third-party tools can also enhance collaborative relationships worldwide, while allowing our younger workers the freedom to expand their skills," the CIO comments.

Johnston”s 35 years of experience in the information systems sector began with roles including working as a programmer for a printing firm and subsequently as a programming manager for a semiconductors manufacturer.ADNFCR-1861-ID-18902614-ADNFCR