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Snowbound Comes Full Circle On Its Anniversary

by | Feb 2, 2015

Exactly 19 years ago, Boston was experiencing a historically snowy winter with a record-breaking 107.6 inches of snowfall. It was during those very wintry months that we had the idea to start our own company in the document and image viewing and conversion market. Hunkered down in a small office in Watertown (adjacent to Boston proper) as the snow fell continuously, the name “Snowbound Software” emerged and a company was born.

It seems fitting that as Snowbound begins to celebrate its 20th year yet another big snowstorm bears down on the Boston region. Even though the company is now in Waltham and has grown exponentially since those early days in Watertown, the Snowbound team is similarly hunkered down today, still working to provide the highest quality products and services in the document viewing and conversion industry (all while taking breaks to shovel and celebrate the Patriots Super Bowl victory, of course).

Thank you to our loyal customers, our talented employees, and our families and friends who are all a part of Snowbound and reason to celebrate.

Here’s to a great 20th year, great new products, plenty more snow, and plenty more Patriots Super Bowl victories.