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Smaller businesses must collaborate to gain advantage

by | Mar 22, 2011

Smaller businesses must collaborate to gain advantages over large corporations. Smaller businesses cannot make the mistakes large corporations can, so trying to find every advantage helps place them above the competition.

Collaboration is one avenue small businesses can take to ensure they stay competitive, but some companies do not have the luxury to increase their IT spending. According to the Information Week Outlook 2011, one-third of small businesses surveyed will increase IT spending in 2011, compared to 15 percent planning to decrease spending. These small- and medium-sized businesses must identify which collaboration products can harm or hurt their business.

According to the article, large businesses are experiencing the benefits of the software, and it has emerged as “a Swiss Army knife for collaboration.” For smaller businesses, SharePoint may become pricey but Microsoft does offer a free, scaled down version, called Windows SharePoint Services. Another option to utilize the benefits of SharePoint, includes renting the enterprise version, instead of owning it.

The Radicati Group recently released a report regarding SharePoint. The SharePoint Market Analysis contains a four-year forecast and expects small businesses to increase distribution by 2 percent by 2014.