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SharePoint users must consider security

by | Apr 30, 2009

SharePoint users must consider securityMany companies are turning to enterprise content management solutions like SharePoint to help them cut costs but in doing so they may be opening themselves up to security issues.

In a recent article for eWeek, Shane Buckley, president and CEO of Rohati Systems, notes that because some companies are so eager to implement the systems, they often don”t consider the problems of having different departments using the same sub site.

One problem that could happen, according to the website, would be giving partners and customers access to a sales site without restricting access to other sub sites.

"[T]he fact that outside entities now have access to different department sub sites and file shares clearly presents a security and compliance issue," writes Buckley. "With cutbacks and the drive to keep channel and customer revenue flowing, how can IT possibly hope to keep up with security and compliance?"

Buckley points out that there are a number of low costs solutions enterprises can use to make sure these security glitches don”t become a big problem.

But unmanaged SharePoint deployments appear to be an issue with enterprises as a recent survey from Information Architected found that 40 percent of companies were unaware of the size of their SharePoint deployment.ADNFCR-1861-ID-19147089-ADNFCR