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SharePoint poised for growth in 2011, report predicts

by | Dec 23, 2010

CMSWire predicts two SharePoint 2010 trends to emerge next year.As they weighed the performance benefits versus the cost of upgrading, many companies toyed with the idea of migrating to Microsoft SharePoint 2010 this year without making a commitment. However, according to a recent CMSWire report, 2011 will be the year businesses decide to make the jump.

"This year seemed to be dominated by SharePoint 2010 at times. In reality, it was mostly hype. Many people were learning more and trying to plan for the new version, but there wasn’t overwhelming adoption," CMSWire stated.

CMSWire predicts two SharePoint 2010 trends to emerge next year. The first is the more frequent occurrence of upgrades, as businesses adopt the enterprise content management platform to promote employee collaboration and streamline workflow.

The second is a heavier emphasis on governance and management. According to CMSWire, many organizations are new to SharePoint 2010, and are still unaware of its functions and capabilities. This will likely change next year as IT departments become more familiar with the platform.

SharePoint has already become one of Microsoft's most successful products to date, and applications continue to expand as more companies adopt the platform. According to a recent Gartner report, there could be as many as 20,000 SharePoint apps available by 2015.