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SharePoint is not ”Enterprise 2.0-in-a-box”

by | Mar 20, 2009

One expert says SharePoint is not one size fits allAs more companies are moving toward using Enterprise 2.0 tools, many are choosing Microsoft SharePoint to fulfill their needs. But one expert says a kneejerk choice of SharePoint might be the wrong idea.

Dion Hinchcliffe, writing for ZDNet, says that while SharePoint has made a huge dent in the industry, just like every other product it has its strengths and weaknesses that may make it fit better for some companies over others.

Hinchcliffe”s overall point is that while many organizations are using SharePoint in the hope that it’s a cure-all, the truth is companies may need to look outside of the SharePoint server to find solutions to fit their needs.

"It also increasingly appears there is no such thing as Enterprise 2.0-in-a-box and that organizations need to find tools that best fit their culture and needs to get the best results," he writes.

It appears that many companies are using SharePoint in the hope that it”s a catch-all without actually knowing what they are using the service for. A report last month from Information Architected found that 40 percent of companies were unaware of how large their SharePoint deployment was.ADNFCR-1861-ID-19085885-ADNFCR