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SharePoint helps university staff members collaborate

by | May 9, 2012

ZDNet's Robert Schifreen recently highlighted how the University of Brighton, which is located in the U.K. and has 4,000 staff members, adopted Microsoft's enterprise content management platform SharePoint 2010.

The university made the decision to bypass cloud computing in favor of the premise-based SharePoint to deliver personal file storage capabilities because the school has a policy restricting the use of off-site data hosting. The writer indicated that the platform was ideal for a variety of the institution's needs, including the My Sites feature, which replaced personal private networks so staff could access files on-site or off the campus.

"The Team Sites component supported shared document libraries on a per-department basis, and the powerful security model would allow us to devolve administration and management of each department's sites to a handful of people within each department, school or faculty," Schifreen wrote.

While the University of Brighton preferred an on-premise SharePoint deployment, the next version of the platform is expected to be geared toward the cloud.'s Jeffrey Schwartz recently reported that SharePoint 15 will also include an applications marketplace and interfaces suited for social networking.