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SharePoint helps companies address potential IT pitfalls

by | Aug 13, 2012

Given the current economic landscape, few businesses have the luxury of adding new help to address growing IT complexities. Computerworld U.K. contributor Jeremy Thake recently indicated that many of these companies are turning to enterprise content management solution SharePoint to fill in any potential gaps with their IT departments.

The writer explained that SharePoint is so effective because it helps companies improve productivity by allowing workers to access corporate information quickly and easily. The fact that it is a unified platform also saves companies money. Overall, SharePoint is ideal for meeting unique business requirements with scalable solutions.

“With new and enhanced social features, records management capabilities, and simplified application development in Microsoft SharePoint 2010, many enterprises have adopted the platform in order to improve collaboration among their often distributed workers,” Thake wrote.

The global ECM landscape is expected to continue thriving, thanks in large part to the popularity of solutions like SharePoint. According to a study by market research firm the Radicati Group, ECM revenue worldwide is projected to increase from $4.4 billion in 2012 to surpass $7.5 billion by 2016.