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SharePoint considered a helpful ECM tool, expert says

by | Jan 4, 2012

The use of Microsoft SharePoint has evolved in recent years to help businesses address their enterprise content management concerns.

According to a recent TechTarget report by contributing writer George Khalil, the software has undergone several changes in the past decade, many of which have boosted productivity and value for companies using the product.

“One of my favorites among the new ECM features is the ‘managed metadata’ service application,” wrote Khalil. “With the primary purpose of providing users with a central location in which to store metadata, it makes it possible to use a structured metadata model throughout any site within your SharePoint 2010 farm.”

To become well versed with SharePoint, users of the software are encouraged to become educated on several aspects, including metadata storage known as term store. According to the writer, another area of emphasis is term set, which is a collection of related words or phrases.

The use of SharePoint and other collaboration tools are expected to fuel the global ECM market. According to a recent study conducted by ABI Research, the global market for these services is projected to reach nearly $3.5 million in revenue by 2016.