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SharePoint awareness high among managers, directors

by | Nov 7, 2011

A recent independent study conducted by Mindmetre Research indicated that although Microsoft SharePoint is gaining steam as the industry standard for content management, combined with specialist applications can maximize the collaboration software.

Mindmetre Research polled more than 2,000 directors and managers across the United States, U.K., Germany and France. Of those surveyed, “overall awareness of SharePoint is shown to be strong, with significant awareness of the platform and its uses established among managers and directors, even though few of those surveyed are IT professionals,” said the study.

Mindmetre indicated that its recent research is in line with a joint study conducted by Smartlogic and Mindmetre in the same regions. Of those surveyed, 65 percent said a “good” content search takes less than two minutes, while 52 percent revealed they cannot locate needed information within their internal search tool, which can be aided with SharePoint.

One such application that may help organizations maximize their SharePoint deployment is a new storage and configuration platform from solutions provider EMC and communications and networking company NEC. According to an EMC announcement, the application searches and retrieves 108 million objects stored in a database, which represents a scalability improvement of 200 percent.