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SharePoint 2010 makes the Olympic Team

by | Jan 29, 2010

Microsoft”s SharePoint is making another Olympic appearance. This time, though, it is the United States Olympic Committee that is reportedly using a beta version of SharePoint 2010.

"The USOC”s PressBox site is powered by the beta version of SharePoint 2010 which, among other things, is a real testament to the strength of the product even in its pre-release state," said a blog entry on the SharePointPro Connections website.

The blog”s author, Dan Holme, who is serving as Microsoft technologies consultant for NBC Universal at the Olympics, further said that it is "pretty amazing to me that all of this is being entrusted to a version of SharePoint that is so new, it”s not even ”finished” yet."

Through the PressBox site, the USOC is able to provide a one-stop information portal for journalists covering the able to provide journalists covering the Winter Games in Vancouver. Among the information available on the site are articles, statistics, photographs, and athlete information, Holme said.

This is not SharePoint”s first Olympic games, as the Beijing organizing committee for the Olympic Games used SharePoint for its INFO 2008 web portal.