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Report: Several tips to maximize Microsoft SharePoint

by | Jun 21, 2011

For companies using Microsoft SharePoint, there are several ways to maximize the software.For organizations considering implementing Microsoft SharePoint, making sure the software is handled correctly is the key, according to a recent report by ECM.

While SharePoint offers significant benefits, including providing enterprise content management to many people at once, the process of capturing documents within SharePoint is vital.

“By capturing any type of document from anywhere, organizations can address not only centralized capture which is still a common requirement, but also extend capture to regional and branch offices to support ad hoc capture of documents,” wrote Sean Baird, senior manager for product marketing at EMC.

With so many files being stored in SharePoint, organizations may experience reduced performance and inactive data. To combat this, companies should reduce the amount of data on the SQL servers that support SharePoint and consider supporting SharePoint with a long-term content preservation solution or archive, the report stated.

SharePoint provides organizations of all sizes with certain benefits. According to NetworkWorld, the Boston Red Sox baseball team uses the software to monitor ticket request applications and to handle bills and invoices, which are scanned into SharePoint and processed in the club’s enterprise resource planning system.