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Report offers several tips to maximize SharePoint infrastructure

by | Nov 22, 2011

A recent Business Insider report by revealed several strategies that IT managers can use to improve their Microsoft SharePoint management.

“Planning for authentication, performance, capacity and future growth, either at the initial design phase or after deployment is one of the most important exercises of building and maintaining SharePoint 2010,” said the report.

Companies should also realize that SharePoint 2010 includes functions other than storage capacity, and these resources must be included when sizing the SharePoint infrastructure. To avoid performance issues, businesses are encouraged to properly plan for their storage requirements before using the software, according to the report.

Other considerations IT managers must be cognizant of include understanding SharePoint 2010’s limitations and staying within 50 percent of Microsoft’s suggested limits.

“If your SharePoint environment is utilizing the out-of-box search capabilities then plan for 15 percent of the total sum of external content to be stored in order to generate the index file,” said the report.

Microsoft SharePoint offers a number of benefits to businesses. As a result, a recent study of more than 2,000 IT professionals by Mindmetre Research revealed that a majority of respondents indicated their awareness of SharePoint is at a strong level.