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Proper large document scanning can save enterprise content management resources

by | Dec 29, 2009

Businesses can save resources by properly scanning large documents.A document imaging expert shared some tips for saving enterprise content management resources during large document scanning in a recent article.

Large format image scanning projects come with unique costs and traps that other types of projects don”t have, former Graphic Imaging Services president Lisa A. Desautels wrote in an article for AIIM. Proper document prep, good sorting, use of control numbers, file naming, appropriate scanning technique, use of color, good use of resolution and quality assurance are all essential to saving costs and ensuring quality during large document scanning projects.

"As a service provider for large format scanning, I”m often confronted with the mistaken belief of many that scanning large-format documents is simple. It”s not," Desautels wrote.

The scanning expert noted that large documents often require more care and preparation than smaller documents do, and that firms cannot assume that they can put the same level of effort into large document scanning projects as they do for projects with smaller documents.

A growing number of firms may try to scan old paper documents into computerized systems as digital enterprise content management solutions grow increasingly popular. Many firms are currently switching to electronic ECM systems because of the cost savings and reduced environmental impact they can offer.