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Open source ECM provider doubles partner growth in North America

by | Mar 10, 2010

With open source enterprise content management solutions, Alfresco Software seeks to share its basic system but offers enterprise users value-add products. Alfresco Software, one of the leading providers of open source enterprise content management systems, has doubled the amount of partners it has in North America to 80, the company announced recently.

With 550 enterprise customers all over the world, the company says meeting the 2009 goal of doubling its North American partner network has helped it grow its overall client base by 156 percent.

Because of its success, the infrastructure providers, software vendors and SIs that Alfresco partners with companies that now $250 million worth of the services.

Alfresco executives chalk up the developments to the flexible, cost-effective alternative that an open source system with a high degree of modularity and scalable performance provides.

"By supporting open standards, partners are able to easily build content applications using Alfresco to deliver portable business solutions that enable partners to better provide complete solutions at a lower price point," said Bill Robinson, vice president of Alfresco”s American division.

Alfresco shares the open source ECM market with Actuate, a Toronto-based firm that created the BIRT open source project. Each company offers a free open source ECM solution, but they both offer value-add products that increase development process speed and add functions like content transformation, interactivity and enterprise scalability.