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Nuxeo launches new version of Customization-as-a-Service tool

by | Jan 26, 2011

Nuxeo 2.0 enables application developers to build and deploy new features.Enterprise content management solutions provider Nuxeo recently announced it has launched the next generation of its "Customization-as-a-Service" tool, Nuxeo Studio.

According to the company, Nuxeo Studio 2.0 is designed to enable application developers working with Nuxeo Enterprise Platform and Nuxeo Document Management to build and deploy new features, automations and content types.

Current Nuxeo Studio customers require no upgrade or installation, and the new version features backward-compatibility with previous installments, the company stated.

Nuxeo claims its customization tool enables users to reduce the time it takes to develop and deploy applications. The new installment features upgrades to the content views, notifications, user groups and widget configuration.

"In a situation where our customer had tight scheduling constraints, Studio helped us optimize the project implementation time," said Ineat Conseil senior project manager Herve Brasme, whose company uses the service. "There is tremendous value in Nuxeo Studio, because its graphical design interface lets our technical team deliver on customer requirements without coding."

As an open source enterprise content management platform company, Nuxeo has rolled out several new offerings to expand services for its customers. In November, the company launched the Nuxeo Marketplace, the first ECM application store.