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Nuxeo CMO: 2010 has been ”year of change” for ECM

by | Nov 18, 2010

The ECM market has changed significantly this year, Nuxeo''s CMO said.The enterprise content management market has experienced a significant amount of change this year, a Nuxeo executive recently asserted.

Speaking at the Nuxeo Conference, the company's chief marketing officer Cheryl McKinnon told audience members that a number of disruptive factors, including the prevalence of open source and standards and SharePoint 2010, have led to a shift in the ECM market, causing traditional vendors to retool their products, CMS Wire reports.

McKinnon said enterprises are now more frequently turning to companies that offer open source ECM services, such as Open Text. She cited an intelligence report from the Association for Information and Image Management, which found that of the 34 percent of organizations planning to implement an ECM solution within the next 18 months, and 64 percent of respondents would consider open source solutions.

The report also stated up to 12 percent of companies will use Software-as-a-Service within the next 18 months, and cloud-based ECM solutions could double in that time.

Nuxeo World 2010 kicked off this week in Paris. The company has said the conference will bring together global customers and partners to learn about its future plans and products, including a refresh of it Documentation Center.