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Numerous improvements expected for SharePoint 15

by | Apr 9, 2012

Microsoft SharePoint is considered one of the most useful solutions in the enterprise content management industry. To date, Microsoft has sold more than 125 million licenses to more than 65,000 customers of the collaboration software, but’s Jeffrey Schwartz recently highlighted what SharePoint 15 – the next version of the software – may offer.

According to the writer, the newest SharePoint release is expected to be more suited for cloud computing environments.

“Microsoft is said to be planning a new SharePoint app marketplace and spruced-up interfaces suited for social networking,” Schwartz wrote. “Improved mobile support and simplified development and integration reportedly are part of the planning process.”

According to Schwartz, some experts have told RedmondMag they would like Microsoft’s next SharePoint platform to include an improved client object model, support a new application marketplace and more education and training under SharePoint Education.

As the newest release of SharePoint is expected to focus on the cloud, CMSWire’s David Roe recently highlighted the pros and cons of the upcoming software. According to the writer, the cloud will enable SharePoint users to collaborate regardless of geographical location. One knock against the latest solution is that organizations will most likely be required to have IT professionals on site to manage the technology effectively.