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New ECM solution adds multilingual content in one database

by | Apr 30, 2009

New ECM solution adds multilingual content in one database The economy is causing many organizations to cut costs and try to do more with less, which could make the latest version of Vasmont Systems” enterprise content management (ECM) solution a good option for many companies.

The company reports that the new version will be available at the end of this week and allows users to store multilingual content in one database.

The current version of the ECM software already allows users to manage documents ranging from multimedia clips to simple text documents, but version 12 improves upon the content tracking and controls.

Among the new features are associate administrator functions which help spread the work among an entire company along with workflow processes duplication which makes sure projects remain consistent across the company.

Richard Schiding, president of Vasont Systems, says the new advancements will provide a cost-effective tool for businesses.

"Vasont 12 gives users tighter control over their content, enables virtual collaboration, and provides better project tracking and reporting," he said. "The focus on improving the management of the business process surrounding the content led to significant enhancements that will provide additional time and cost benefits for clients."