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New digital imaging software an industry first

by | Aug 15, 2011

Curve Dental recently announced the availability of new digital imaging software to allow doctors and staff to capture oral and x-ray images and send them directly to cloud computing solutions.

According to the company, the new software is the first of its kind in the dentistry field and provides imaging software that is based solely through web solutions. By utilizing the cloud, patient images can be stored without the need to purchase servers, storage and backup solutions.

“With our software a doctor only needs a computer with internet access and a browser to capture digital images,” said Curve Dental founder and managing director Matt Dorey. “They donโ€™t need a server, powerful and expensive hardware, nor do they need to worry about backups or space limitations.”

Cloud computing is considered one of the most publicized technologies on the market as its adoption rate continues to soar. According to a study conducted by Avande, 74 percent of organizations surveyed are currently using some form of cloud computing, which is nearly triple the 25 percent of respondents who answered similarly in a 2009 study.