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Mobile ECM perfect for doctors, patients

by | Aug 28, 2012

The healthcare industry is one of the beneficiaries of enterprise content management solutions, and the popularity of tablets and mobile technology are taking ECM to another level across the sector. MedCity News’ Dan West recently suggested why mobile ECM can help improve the doctor and patient relationship, including when a person checks into a facility.

“The ECM solution connects multiple systems throughout the facility so that registration securely views the patient’s insurance and billing information, recent visits, current medications and any other pertinent content located in the medical record,” West explained.

When a patient checks in, the doctor is alerted immediately thanks to the mobile ECM system. After an appointment is completed, a person can produce a signature on a tablet rather than filling out physical paperwork. According to West, once people arrive home, they can check the status of their condition and view any changes made to their files.

Mobile is considered the next logical step for the ECM industry as more organizations adopt devices like tablets and smartphones. A survey by the Association for Information and Image Management found that nearly 70 percent of businesses believe mobility is crucial to operational success.