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Mobile ECM offers agility to growing industry

by | Sep 22, 2010

Mobile ECM solutions are among the most important mobile applications companies are currently looking for.Companies that depend upon ECM solutions and the organizations that develop them are currently investigating methods of making the software available on smartphones and other mobile devices, according to For organizations involved with ECM, there are three pivotal areas to investigate to ensure success with the imitative.

The most basic level of mobile ECM is ensuring that mobile devices have access to ECM databases. For workers currently out of the office, the ability to read various documents stored in corporate networks is significant so they can perform well while away. For all business-critical applications, mobility has become an important capability.

Companies using more than one content management system may want to consider using the mobile devices with the highest performance capability, since most big organizations use more than one ECM solution for various tasks, according to the news provider.

In coming months, it is expected that ECM vendors will begin releasing mobile apps designed with the same capability as their traditional solutions.

This trend is common throughout software development. With more than 16 percent of Americans expected to purchase smartphones in the third quarter, software companies must account for the growing importance of enterprise mobility.