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Microsoft partners expected to continue to provide SharePoint support

by | Aug 7, 2012

Microsoft’s SharePoint platform is considered one of the most effective and popular enterprise content management solutions on the market. As the tech giant prepares for the newest version of SharePoint, it’s believed that many companies will still use older releases in the near future, according to FierceContentManagement writer Ron Miller.

With Microsoft’s earlier releases of SharePoint, third-party partners regularly filled in some technological gaps that were missing. Miller explained that the company has done a great job creating a successful ecosystem that itself and partners benefit from.

“But that doesn’t mean that Microsoft doesn’t recognize missing pieces in its own products that it would prefer to handle in-house,” Miller wrote. “And when that happens, it’s up to the partners to continue to enhance their products to be better than what Microsoft offers in SharePoint or find new ways to monetize their products.”

Companies across many industries believe SharePoint is one of the most important solutions to their businesses. The Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) recently found that nearly 70 percent of organizations consider SharePoint crucial for their operations.